Select Exhibits 
    Diane Hardy Waller
Selected Exhibits
Dec. 2017          In the Studio           Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Nov. 2017          Landmark Exhibition     Art Students League, NYC
Aug.17-Jan.18    Atmospherics                  Argo Tea Café, NYC
August, 2017      City Views                Manhattan President’s Office
Sept-Mar, 2017   Abstractions                  Teletech Consulting, NYC
April, 2016          Downtown 9                  Westbeth Gallery NYC
Jul-Sept, 2016    Abstractions                    Argo Tea Shoppe, NYC
Aug, 2014           Island of Interest            Governor’s Island, NYC
Apr-May, 2014    River of Art                     Ashville, NC
Aug, 2013           Home & Habitat               NYPL, NYC
Jan-Apr, 2012`    Icons of NY                     Warburg Gallery, NYC’
Oct-Jan, 2011     Cityscapes                       Trattoria del Arte, NYC
Nov-Dec, 2011    Citi and Ceramics              La Mano Gallery, NYC
Nov-Dec, 2011    Inspired by Nature            Calumet Gallery, NYC
Mar, 2010           NoHo Art Walk                  Greenwich Village, NYC
Jan-Mar,2010     Urbanesque                       Citicorp Bldg, LIC, NY
Jan-Feb,2010     Expressions 2010               Lafayette Gallery, NYC
Jan-Feb,2009     Science  Rocks               Rockefeller Preserve, NYS
Jan-Feb,2009     Summer in the City            Grace Institute, NYC
Feb-Mar,2009     Kaleidoscope, NYC      Synagogue for the Arts,NYC
Jul-Aug, 2009     All Around the Town           Bronxville Library, NYS
Jul-Oct, 2009      NYC Cityscapes                    Publicis Group, NYC
Feb-Mar, 2008    The Landscape                    City Hall, NYC
Oct-Nov,2008     Enticements                       Lafayette Gallery, NYC
Jan. 2008           Eros and Agape           Canvas, Paper & Stone.NYC
August, 2007      Abstract Expressionism Progress Energy Gallery,FL
March, 2007       Elegy for Eden                      Durst Gallery, NYC
Adult anthology,  Cover “Five Minute Limit”   Amazon & Kindle,2017
Children’s book   Does God Forgive Me?     Skylight Publishing,2006
Children’s book.  Does God Hear My Prayer? Skylight Publishing, '05
Children’s book, “TIGER”, “I Can Read!”         WCS publication 2004
Bronx Zoo Calendar, January image, 2003      WCS publication 2003

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